Introducing the brains behind MyMoneyMindset

deborah leaning on wallDeborah’s interest in helping women manage their money came out of her own life’s experience as a young widow. When her husband passed away at age 37, she was left her alone with a 2 year old. Without savings, a job or family, Deborah learned the hard way how scary the world of money could be.

Through it all, she succeeded and managed to raise a child, receive a doctorate and most of all take control of her money.

And that’s how MyMoneyMindset began.

Today, she counsels both women and financial advisors.

Her coaching has helped people achieve their Big Picture. And her experience working with large organizations of all types, including financial services companies has helped them gain a better understanding of women financial clients.

And when she isn’t sharing her insights into money, Deborah spends her time training and riding kilometer after kilometer as a serious cyclist.