Advisory and Professional Support

80% of women fire their advisors within one year of their husband’s  death.  Divorced women are also likely to leave their advisors; a significant risk when the divorce rate is at 50%. This is one of the most significant facts in your business, and it’s one you can do something about.

The first meeting with a woman in transition is tricky, especially if the woman has been widowed.  What you do and say in that first meeting will determine influence the woman’s decision to continue working with you, or not.  Why take a chance?

I was widowed at a young age and had to find an advisor who would understand my situation and work with me to get through the first year of my widowhood.  My research and my experience can help you know what it takes to make your client feel safe and supported.

Women in transition often don’t know what they want nor do they know what’s next for their lives.  I can help you understand what your female client really wants when she is asking you for help.  It isn’t always what you think it isI can help you to have a successful first meeting with your transition client.  Whether I attend the meeting with you or I coach you so that you can manage the meeting on your own, I can be your support so that you can retain your client’s belief rocks