A meeting of minds

Workshops just for your clients

Women need to connect to each other. They learn best through stories and sharing and this is what MyMoneyMindset workshops are all about. Your clients can’t hear your investment advice until they quiet the noise in their heads.  Your advice has to compete with their anxieties and uncertainty about their goals and their values.  They need to learn how to manage their emotions so they can manage their money.  This workshop is a fantastic first step to breaking the ice and helping your client begin to find those answers for herself.

Through sharing, exercises and stories, we begin the journey of self-discovery and emotional connection which clears the way for your to help your client reach her goals.


Very powerful and encouraging!

It brings understanding to how and why I’ve dealt/not dealt with money. 

This was terrific. Deborah connects to participants on a personal level with her openness

Deborah is a 12/10. She was great. The workshop was empowering and encouraging

I appreciated Deborah sharing her personal experiences. She was warm and helpful

Fabulous. Excellent presentation skills, confident, personable and informative

Deborah’s experience is very touching.  Great presentation