Guys, Toys and Winning

Have you ever noticed that women are always talking about men and their toys (the latest big screen TV, a motorcycle, gadgets, games,…) and wonder “why do guys love their toys so much?”  I never really thought about it until the other day when a woman asked me why men love their toys so much.  I started thinking about that and realized that I do love my toys.  I have to admit that we (men) will spend money we don’t have, or money we should put towards ‘sensible’ things like paying down the mortgage or buying food, to buy “the latest toy”.  So, women want to know – why do seemingly highly responsible and sensible men become nutty when it comes to this stuff?


I think toys are about success… “More Toys = Greater Success” so the more stuff I have the more successful I appear.  YES – I’m saying the façade of success is more important than actual success.


I know – providing shelter, having enough food, sharing knowledge, lasting relationships, maybe even rising above it all and contributing to human kind in some small way is important and mature. However, guys think that “The guy with the most toys wins”.   This is reinforced when we see the guy with the most toys winning with the ladies. Yes, the very same ladies who are asking the question I might add?


So Toys = Success


Toys are also about play, and play is about escape. Sometimes after a long hard day, I just want to escape from the real world and play. Sometimes watching a movie (not ‘Chick Flick”), reading a book or even having a real conversation does it. And sometimes playing with our toys helps ease the day’s stress away. Seriously – playing with our toys is relaxing…

Toys are like shoes or purses (I think)… they grab your attention and capture your imagination. Like eight-inch heels with bright red soles that can only be worn for sitting or a Louis Vuitton clutch purse with ‘Mini Pochette Accessories” that your lipstick may fit in. But there’s really something satisfying about having them, touching them, and playing with them (lots of them).

According to Wikipedia – A toy is any object that can be used to play. Toys are associated commonly with children and pets.


Hmmmm….. what does this say about men and their toys….(Deborah’s comment….)


Men like toys – get over it. Something about having toys and playing with toys helps us – and maybe someday we’ll learn enough to take our place in mature human society (but not today). So if you see your man drooling over a toy or buying a new toy or just playing with a toy, give him a nod that says you get it and be happy he’s happy, escaping or successful. And next time you worry about what to give him on a special day, get him something he can play with – he’ll be glad you did.


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