MyMoneyMindset Suite

Women represent a fantastic opportunity for you to grow and secure your business.  The greatest transfer of wealth to women is taking place, and will for the next 40 years.  Women now control more than half of the private wealth in the U.S.(and Canada) and make 80% of all purchases. According to Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, women will inherit 70% of the $41 trillion in intergenerational wealth transfer expected over the next 40 years.

MyMoneyMindset Suite is a comprehensive program which is designed to help you serve your women clients in a more powerful and effective way.  The suite has been developed from a base of scientific research and practical experience to provide you with proven techniques to secure the business of your female clients.

Women can be your greatest advocates.  Women refer at a rate of 3:1 to male clients. Women are more loyal.

Women also leave their advisors at an astonishing rate.  Within the first 2 years of the death of a spouse. 80%  of women will leave their advisor. We expect that the numbers are equally high with divorce.  It is imperative that you master the skills in connecting with women and the MyMoneyMindset program