My Big Picture

Paris in Springtime! The flowers are in bloom. The markets are open. Ahhh!

Take yourself on a journey of self discovery and start living your dreams today…

What if you every time you closed your eyes, you could dream of your personal oasis of peace and tranquility — where your feel grounded, strong and completely in control? A feeling of calmness comes over you and your breathing slows down — the tension leaves your shoulders and your neck, the anxiety slowly disappears and you find yourself smiling.

You’ve reached the place you never thought you’d get to. The place where head and heart are in harmony and you are the in charge of your destiny. It feels like an orchestra or symphony playing – magnificent.

You have reached this place by courageously stepping out from the shadows of fear and embracing your money self. Your money is your gift to yourself and to those around you. By embracing your money and by creating a positive connection to your money, you can enrich yourself and your community. Big Picture can be your partner on your journey to financial wellness.

The Big Picture is a personal vision of you and your life in the next 5 years — it’s about creating a life that is important to you and helps you to focus on what is meaningful to you.

It’s your Big Picture — you define it — you own it.

Where you are today is your starting point. It is where you begin. Start today!



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