What Did We Learn at the Calgary Women’s Show

Wow! What an amazing two days we had at the show.  We talked to hundreds of women about their money, their challenges, their secrets, their struggles.  It was a gift to be able to share our ideas and advice with them.  And we heard so many stories.

What did we notice?  Women want to talk.  Women think about their money a lot.  Most women don’t want to know how bad it is- or at least on the surface they don’t want to know. But deep down inside they know they should be more aware of how they’re spending their money.  We met women in transition- divorcing, retiring, moving to another stage of their lives. They all want a guiding hand and asked us if we would be that for them.

Calgary embraced us.  We are grateful. Thank you.  We have been asked to speak to groups, to consult to women in various organizations, to conduct lunch and learns.  The interest is high as is the thirst for knowledge.

Our app, Latte Spending Tracker, was a huge hit- make sure you download it at the site.  It is fun and painless but gets the message across.

So visit us at our website often. Call us, email us, post your story on our site. We want to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to developing VerveKids and VerveSingles.  We’re taking the world by storm!

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